Electronic Caregiver

Support and peace of mind, all from the comfort of your home.

Electronic caregiving technology including a personal monitoring bracelet and wall unit

Premier Series

Electronic Caregiver Premier includes a pocket smart health device and emergency wrist pendant, with one-touch telehealth and interactive care plan support. Electronic Caregiver Premier utilizes both Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Cellular Based Location Services (CBS) to locate the user’s current location, with 24/7 emergency response and automated health surveys. The sensitive microphones allow operators to hear clients anywhere the mobile device is, whether in the home or on the go. ECG Premier allows seniors the confidence to live longer, safer, and more independently.

Electronic caregiving technology including nurse paging and health emergency wall units

ECG Pro Health

With ECG Pro Health, managing your health has never been so effortless. 24/7 clinical care support improves treatment adherence and delivers early identification to providers. Pro Health includes in-depth analytics and trend monitoring, which promotes early and more accurately informed interventions. This also provides 24/7 emergency response and 24/7 medication reminders.

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