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We assist seniors and their loved ones in making the best decisions for their well-being.


Care Management

We offer different levels of care management based off the needs of our clients. Our goal is to have our clients remain as independent and safe as possible in the place they call home. Our overall goal is to improve client health, reduce hospital visits, and boost client engagement.  


Geriatric Assessments

Geriatric Assessments are a detailed, written report, assessing a client’s physical, mental, and psychosocial status. The assessment is a valuable tool for family members or a client for coordinating care and ensuring they remain as safe and independent as possible in the desired setting.


PRI and Screen

The Patient Review Instrument (PRI) and Screen is an assessment tool used to determine the cognitive and physical skill levels of a person. The assessment is not necessary for those entering assisted living or independent communities, though it is required for skilled nursing. A PRI and Screen requires a licensed nurse to visit and complete. PRI and Screens are only valid for 90 days.


Relocation Management

Relocation Care Management is a service that helps seniors and their families who are considering a move or relocation. Our expert geriatric care manager will provide and coordinate proper assessments for a higher level of care. If the family and client wish to move, the GCM will assess the right level of care and evaluate possible moving sites along with the coordination of care. We are Certified Relocation & Transition Specialists, and create thoughtful, individual plans.

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Non-Medical Concierge Service

We provide occasional assistance with non-medical tasks such as errands, appointments, organization and decluttering. These services simplify and enhance the lives of seniors and their families, while promoting independence and self-confidence. 


Medication Management

A licensed RN arranges for prescribed medication as ordered by the client’s physicians, while moving toward the goal of achieving safe self-administration. Working closely with the client’s physician and pharmacist, we will help clients get the most positive outcomes from the course of treatment. 



Our counselors provide treatment for mental health issues that impact a senior’s quality of life. We identify and resolve concerns at home, in long-term care, assisted living and nursing facilities.


Financial Manager

Assist clients to organize and ensure timely bill payment to promote peace of mind about financial matters

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Recreation Program

As we age, physical limitations, health concerns, busy schedules, and more, we find that our passions and hobbies sometimes fall away. This is why we have created our Recreation Program in the comfort of your own home. We assist our clients in recalling activities they once enjoyed and reconnecting with them. Additionally, we assist a way that improves cognitive function, mental health, and physical health, they may even find new activities, hobbies, etc.

To start enjoying the benefits of our program, ask yourself this: Name something you can no longer do but used to enjoy immensely. What brought you pleasure and joy, no matter how small or how big, you can no longer do? “

Technology solutions for around-the-clock support.

Electronic Caregiver provides accessible, high-quality care at an affordable price. A staple for households across the country, it’s great for creating peace of mind for users and their families.

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We’re here to help.

Feeling overwhelmed with care decisions for your loved one? Not sure what resources are available or how to access them? Need an advocate?

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